The excitement of flying to Nosara Costa Rica

I have always enjoyed flying, I guess like a vast majority of people in the world, so after I found a good rate with Nature Air, for a flight to Nosara, I decided to use it to get to L’Acqua Viva Hotel  during my last visit to this prestigious hotel. The experience of taking local flights while visiting Costa Rica is enhanced during the dry season thanks to the clear blue skies and the magnificent aerial views from the air.

The colorful small Twin Otter airplanes from Nature Air, with a maximum capacity of 18 passengers, are intelligently designed with big panoramic Windows, which are adequate for the tourists’ enjoyment while flying throughout the country.  We departed on time from the international airport Juan Santamaria overflying part of the city of San José, where we could appreciate its great location surrounded by beautiful blue mountains, some of which are imposant active volcanos: Poas and Irazú.

The Captain announced that due to the prevailing weather conditions during this time of the year we might encounter strong winds, which happened, and made the whole experience just more thrilling.

Our adventure continued overflying the mountain range, mostly covered with green dense vegetation of our tropical forests and wide rivers flowing towards the Pacific Coast, until all of a sudden the coastline and the ocean made their majestic appearence.  I was excited taking pictures and many of the other tourists on the plane did the same, even attempting selfies with that unique background.  On the ground you could see pristine, virgin extense beaches with dramatic reefs and sandy beaches, some white, some gray or brown, some champagne, but all beautiful and inviting, with lush green vegetation reaching out into the water.

 Last ones to appear were the two white sand beaches next to L’Acqua Viva Hotel, Playa Guiones, renown for its good conditions for surfers, both professionals and beginners and Playa Pelada, a more family oriented beach.

After landing I took a tuc-tuc motorcycle taxi which complimented my exciting experience, and took me to L’Acqua Viva Resort, considered the best hotel in this region.  I was glad I could check in into a comfortable suite and enjoy this relaxing oasis and nature sanctuary.  

Article by Daniel Chavarría


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